Sorrowful sadness invades my whole being,

my core is submerged, plunged to the deep.

Absent air with deflated lungs’ attempts futile.

No sound, no sight; lonely, deep, cold ,darkness.

The present, my reality leaves little choice

To die physically focusing on my core doom.

Or die spiritually to self in surrender to my God.

But I don’t trust, can’t trust…the baggage I carry.

Will He accept me with all of my ugly baggage?

As quickly as that thought formed in my mind,

I see in the distance a light rushing toward me.

Like a mighty wind, I am swooped into the light

 I find myself breathing again prostrate my knees.

Collapsed in humility and shame, I beg forgiveness.

I lift my teary eyes to the cross in awe as I see Christ.

I rejoice! I’m redeemed by my Holy Savior, Jesus Christ!

Susans Soul
© Susan Langer 

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