Reflections (A Vignette)

As we head into the busy holiday of Holy Week for Easter, find time to relieve your stress by stopping for a little bit of time to read a poem, listen to a song, or meditate or pray. Then, you will be refreshed again. Reflections (A Vignette) I Reflections of light and sun peer through […]

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Imprint of You

Imprint of You Print your image inside my eyelids. Let me not ere forget your beauty. The sweet peach softness of skin. Your beautiful robin-egg blue eyes float into my concious desire of you. Leave me not alone with this imprint of your being etched only on my soul. Be near to my body touching […]

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Poetic and Mezmerizing Questions

This I found on Google Plus It’s a 9 min video of the universe set to fabulous music/acoustics. I’m telling you don’t miss this… it is mesmerizing. The question that came to mind is, if God created Heaven and Earth, did He create the universe and galaxies that we can view by special equipment and Hubble […]

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Flowers and Forgiveness

Flowers and Forgiveness A difficult time as I watch my dying father.3:00 am all alone except for your ragged breathsFather won’t live through the dark, starless night.Coldness surrounds like a cloak of regrets, wishes..Our relationship marred with alcohol and abuse.Feelings of forgiveness flood my consciousnessfrom my inner soul like a river flowing downstream.I know that […]

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