Her Choices

Deb McComber book cover for “A Bend in the Road”

Her Choices

The road she travels weekly from country home,
four tires crunching the turn in the road to town 
The pattern grueling as she spends five in the city,
then home for two and time with her baby, her mom.

Times were hard in 1949, choices even harder.
Notice the droop in her shoulders and look at
the downturn of her lips, silent tears fall nightly.
Brokenness engulfs her choices, the times, money.

The crunch of four tires announce the departure..
tires leading back to a town she doesn’t know,
tires to lonely isolation away from her life but
the choices past made required her penance.

Times demand retribution for her past choices. 
Her lonely, hollow heart echoes pain and angst.
Heart silently screams “I miss my daughter!”
But two days remain until silent screams stop.

Tires back to love, warmth, precious sloppy kisses
so freely given with bewildered eyes. Eyes that
wonder why mommy doesn’t stay home with her.
Mom’s choices curse, “Your choices…your absences.”

“mommy absences.”

Susans Soul…

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